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Post  TriCoCoNuT on Tue 16 Sep - 19:41

As you allready know if you checked the rules section of our website, each room's title of our league has to start with GBO.

If you want to add something after this tag, you just have to pick a " - " between the tag and your title, like this :

GBO - Welcome !

The title will may be short a bit, so we made a kind of taglist to give you some ways to recognize the type of game you'll play if you join a room.

Here is the tag list :

Tr : Trico
Tu : Turtle
Bo : Boomer
Li : Lightning
Ar : Armor
Ka : Kalsiddon
Gr : Grub
Ra : Raon
Ic : Ice

El : Elevation (games)
Fl : Flat (games)

SwX : Switch map each X games

How to use thoses tags ? There is some exemples :

If you want to play games on elevations maps, with Trico Turtle and Boomer only, and if you plan to switch the map each 2 games, there is the tag you will have to pick to give the right information to your opponents :

GBO - TrTuBoElSw2

You prefer to play allways on the same flat map, grub and lightning only ? Here you go :

GBO - GrLiFl

Thoses tags aint a kind of rule : feel free to pick anything else in your title, if it starts with GBO inside, it's fine.

Have fun.

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