Ban: list and explanations.

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Ban: list and explanations. Empty Ban: list and explanations.

Post  Lisa on Fri 19 Sep - 17:00

We decided to ban some league's members.

Why ?

1 - We don't accept players using aimbot
2 - We don't accept Guild masters who have aimbotters in their guilds without kick them out.

NO cheaters or cheating behaviour will be accepted in the league.


Ban for aimbotting :

Guild masters lax with their cheating members :

GMs who accept doing the necessary could be rehabilitated in the league.

New report section:

We open a " report category" where the community will be able to give its mind about a suspected player.
We'll use a poll (yes/no/i don't know) to determine if a member stay or not in the league.

In the case of a ban decision by a community vote:

A league member
will be definitly ban if his/her cheats is clearly recognized by the community. (At least 20 votes, more 'yes' than 'no': Admins will proceed to a specific Inquiry to finalize the punishment.)

A non league member, but all the same belonging to the same guild of a GM
oldschool, may also be suspected.
We shall ask then the GM to take measures. GM can be punished, if he doesn't cooperate.

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